QUICOM (Quantitative Inspection of Complex Composite Aeronautic Parts Using Advanced X-ray Techniques)

Recent years have seen a rapidly growing demand from aeronautic industry regarding function-oriented, highly integrated, energy-efficient and lightweight structures. In advanced composites a promising material was found, which integrates these characteristics allowing for continuously elevating the complexity of new components concerning shape and internal structure. The consequences of this increasing complexity are tremendously raising efforts in quality control, as conventional non-destructive methods are reaching their limits and become either extremely time-consuming or unusable for a full inspection.

QUICOM aims at taking the next big step in the development of aeronautic components by developing a new technology platform of highly detailed inspection methods in combination with advanced composite modelling and simulation. The project generates new concepts and methods based on cutting edge X-ray techniques, which aim to escalate conventional non-destructive techniques in aeronautics, on the short run and to replace them, on the long run. The QUICOM technology platform will allow a full characterisation of all kinds of aeronautic specimens concerning material decomposition and geometric features within short time. The results are integrated into a feedback cycle, to boost composite development in the direction of saving weight without losing the demanded characteristics.

The QUICOM project links the activities of 12 partners from 6 European countries, including 6 research partners, 3 large enterprises, 2 SMEs and a network partner to ensure effective dissemination of the project results. Together they establish a network of X-ray techniques, software, application, and CFRP material specialists to work together on a reliable, fully 3D inspection of aeronautic components. Starting from October 2012 the QUICOM project is expected to be completed by September 2015.


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