FUture Cabin for the Asian Market

FUCAM (FUture Cabin for the Asian Market), a Horizon 2020 collaborative project, aims at developing a conceptual cabin interior design dedicated to the Asian markets in the year 2025 and onwards. The project will analyse the user requirements from the airlines' and passengers' perspectives in Japan and two other key markets representative of the Asian area (China, South-East Asia). FUCAM is coordinated by Airbus Group Innovations and its Consortium brings together 9 partners, 8 originating from 7 different European countries and 1 from Tokyo, Japan.

The project focuses on the Asian market first, so that the outcome will be a cabin concept that is not a worldwide compromise as today’s cabins. Within FUCAM the conceptual designs of aircraft seating and cabin interior, as part of an overall cabin concept, are expected to better meet the Asian requirements and habits regarding travel behaviour and lifestyle, as the latter differ from those of the Europeans in terms of comfort and enjoyment of the in-flight experience.

The main impact of FUCAM will be the end users’ satisfaction so as to eventually develop the best cabin product meeting the needs and requirements of the Asian market. Some essential aspects, such as accessibility, safety, comfort, connectivity from point to point and availability of new contents and services (mails, internet, films, etc.) will be addressed during the collection of passengers’ requirements, with the aim to introduce these innovations to the market. Other aspects, such as efficient cabin installation/re-configuration, power and data distribution, communications and electro-magnetic radiation, will be addressed through the identification of the airline's requirements. Considering these requirements will ensure the maintenance of high industrial competitiveness (lead time, final assembly time) and that they will be capable of managing production growth.

The FUCAM project begun in February 2016 and will conclude its activities, having a lifespan of three years, in January 2019 (Grant Agreement number 690674).

For more information, visit the FUCAM website.


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