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Financial Management of EC Projects

From the fundamentals to dealing with the audit procedure

EASN and EFMC are jointly organizing a series of training courses on “financial management of EC projects”.

About this course

This training course will take you from the basics of the EU projects environment, all the way to mastering financial management. Special attention will be given to how you can prepare and deal with an audit, by examining common mistakes often found during the audit process and how to deal with them.

At the end of the course, you will be able to understand the methods and procedures of EU projects financial management, accurately prepare a financial report and be prepared for all aspects of an audit control.

Courses are organised in several European countries, so choose the one which is most convenient for you and enrol.

Why us?
  • Training is led by Raphaël de Vivans, a former external auditor of the EC (yes, one of those nasty guys who find the errors in your financial reports and claims back your hard earned money) and not by someone who has just been audited a couple of times (in case you have previously been audited by Raphael please be gentle with him). He is supported by the managing director and the entire team of EANS-TIS, who contribute with their experience and know-how to the success of the courses.
  • We base our training material not on our own mistakes, but on the mistakes of hundreds of audited entities and projects.
  • The unique training sessions will take you from the basics of the EU projects environment, all the way to mastering financial management. They will also teach you how to prepare and how to deal with an audit. Really, wouldn’t you want to know what auditors are looking for before they even arrive at your premises?
  • Upon request and provided that there is sufficient audience, we can organise a course in your country and tailored to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us and make your proposal.
  • We remain at your disposal after the course for any additional information or support you may need.
Course Syllabus

The full course takes place over 3 days:

Day 1

Fundamentals of financial management

DAY 1 is an introduction to the EU projects environment. Targeting people who have never before worked on an EU project and aims to acquaint them with some basic terminology, methods and procedures. View Agenda

Day 2

Preparing a financial report

DAY 2 goes into the financial aspects of projects, including the reporting principles applicable to the majority of projects. This day targets people who are aware of how the EC works but have never participated in the administrative aspects of a project (financial reporting) .

During the last part of the day, participants will be asked to fill in a cost declaration (Form C) according to documents and time-sheets which will be provided. These costs declarations will be based on real cases. Once complete, the group will check the Forms C and discuss on the errors made. Finally, different cases where the beneficiary located mistakes the costs declaration and/or in its administrative management will be presented and participants will be able to propose solutions to solve these problems. View Agenda

Day 3

Mastering the audit procedure

DAY 3 will give an in-depth view of the financial aspects, focusing on non-so-common aspects and on the audit procedure.

During the last session of the day, participants will be challenged as if they are in the situation of an on-the spot audit. When you think that all documents are already prepared, auditors will ask for additional information! Participants will see that the management of an audit greatly depends on the general situation (Type of organisation, model of cost declaration, documents already provided, audit well prepared…). Finally, different audits reports will be presented based on real cases, on which each participant will have to find the potential remedies or recourses following the findings and/or the recommendations given in the Final Audit Report and in the Letter of Conclusion. View Agenda

Is this course right for me?

The Courses are designed for those involved in the EU projects environment and wish to hone their management skills. Everyone who goes through the training course has to gain throughout the course study, assignments, and case studies.

Are you new to the EU projects environment and want to know all about it? The full 3-day course is for you.

Are you new to this environment and only need to prepare your financial reports without errors?Learn how to do so attending Days 1 and 2 of the program.

You know your ABC but would like to learn how to correctly prepare your financial reports and check the financial reports of your partners?Day 2 will cover this for you.

Are you relatively experienced in financial reporting but would like to fill in some missing gaps and make sure that you are well prepared for an audit?Days 2 and 3 is what you need.

Do you have experience in financial reporting since you have participated in several projects (also coordinated a few of them) and you are confident that you know your way around the financial aspects? Just need to ensure that you'll have no surprises during an audit?Day 3 should cover it.

  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 590€
  • 990€
  • 1.290€

Annotated Model Grant Agreement: Under H2020, the legal basis is part of the Grant Agreement. This document covers all the different grants.

Guide to Financial Issues relating to FP7 Indirect Actions: This is the most important document which is the legal basis for the auditors.

Guidance Notes for Beneficiaries and Auditors: For your preparation of Certificates on the Financial Statements and on the Methodology.

Common errors identified in cost claims: Note for beneficiaries in FP7.

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